Appeal puts aged print manuscript owners in a frame

August 20, 2015 - photo frame

Appeal puts aged print manuscript owners in a support

Bill Pollett is seeking a home for an aged print manuscript he found many years ago.

The inside-front cover reads “Heather and Jean Wall” though a behind story of a many images, in a print manuscript labelled “Rotorua, 1954”, stays a mystery.

Christchurch proprietor Bill Pollett wants to reunite a manuscript he found in an deserted outpost with a owners or their descendants, after recently remembering he had left a vanishing mementos in storage.

Pollett took a manuscript from a Ford Transit he hereditary when holding over a franchise of a aged Hertz Airport Service Station on Memorial Ave – a site now assigned by McDonald’s.

“Te Hei and Victor with a motorbike” – one of a photos enclosed in a family manuscript antiquated 1954 that Bill Pollett found in an deserted outpost in Christchurch about 30 years ago.

“It contingency be 30 years ago now; we used to demeanour after vehicles during a behind while people went abroad or to a North Island.”

After watchful in vain for a owners to lapse for dual years, he ventured inside to prepared it for sale.

“It was full of rubbish, a integrate of sleeping bags, a Tass Russian purloin and a small manuscript I’ve got here,” he said.

Bill Pollett is anticipating to find a owners of a family print manuscript he found in a outpost deserted during a Christchurch use hire about 30 years ago

Pollett forgot he had a manuscript until progressing this month and now hoped to lope a memories of others.

“There’s names in a manuscript I’m certain someone will remember,” he said, anticipating photos captioned “Te Hei and Victor with motorbike” and “Tom Thompson with Jean and Tulip” would resonate.

There were also images from a Rukumoana Hui during Easter 1954, during a marae 6 kilometres south of Morrinsville.

The photos all seemed to be taken in a North Island, including one of “Bushman Bill”.

“Hubert and George” are photographed outward a stable during Kuku Rogers, there is also “Haymaking during Browns” and on a subsequent root of a tattered blue lonesome manuscript “Uncle Ron” is graphic during a Whakarewarewa thermal area in Rotorua; a integrate are “Looking for crabs during Maketu Beach”.

“It’s got some fascinating aged photographs of people that go behind some substantial time,” Pollett said.

There were about 30 photos pasted in a album. Most that were hold in place by dilemma stickers were missing, withdrawal no identifying outlines outward of captions like “Isobel At Brown’s Te Puke”, “Jean outward her job. “The Petite Fleur” and “Fuz-Wuz with Roy”.

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