Analyzing a Collection of B&W Street Photos Captured Around a World

March 26, 2015 - photo frame

Last year we launched a new beginning called a Streettogs Academy, a biweekly plea for motivating and heightening a skills of travel photographers around a world. Photographers are given 2 weeks to fire photos for a latest thesis and upload 1 to 3 of them to a Facebook page.

Our latest assignment was “Black and White.” The submitted photos that perceived a many courtesy from members of a organisation were those that had a elementary elementary requirement of a good image: a strong visible hook. Here’s a demeanour during photos.

Photo by Helio Tomita

Let’s start initial with one of a best black and white photographers in a group. Helio consistently shoots good photos, and this one is one of my favorites from him. The offshoot of march is a faceless forehead impression that is accented by everybody in a print being faceless as well.

Photo by Monika Jaskowska Bablok

The initial thing that catches my eye with Monika’s print is a integrate fibbing down on a floor. Juxtaposed with a nuns, a a strife of conservatives and giveaway spirits. Excellent story in a photo.

Photo by Jimmy Yang

The visible offshoot in Jimmy’s print is exercise of a hands on a rail. One of a things about black and white is it doesn’t confuse and keep all simple. A black component placed on white or clamp versa can simply make things mount out. Note that exercise in Jimmy’s photo.

Photo by Enamul Kabir Rony

Speaking of repetitions, check out this credentials by Enamul. This would be too many of a tone strife if a print is in color. Either way, a print works good since of that background.

Photo by Brenden Burkinshaw

But wait! There’s more! Here’s another instance of exercise by Brenden. The triangles and a X symbol is a good demeanour yet a visible offshoot here is a exercise was damaged by a figure. Interesting picture of something we see or confront in a everyday. The prior judgment flattering many sums adult what travel photography is.

Photo by Brad Baranowski

Brad calls this print “Surrounded.” This is an glorious instance of siege both literally and figuratively. When we have a purify background, it’s easy to cocktail out your visible hook.

Photo by Kevin Weinstein

Silhouettes is an easy approach of creation a visible hook. The gesticulate of a “ballerina” dangling in atmosphere looks unequivocally nice. Plus all a heads floating about. The trees n a sides completes a framing of a image. Excellent work by Kevin.

Photo by Michael Wolin

Michael’s print here looks like a still from a movie. Every component is beautifully distanced from any other creation any a visible offshoot in on themselves. The 1:1 aspect allotment is to be appreciated as well. It works good here.

Photo by Carlos Agrazal

Carlos print here creates me smile. The figure of a architecture, a windows, and a shade of a strip looks like an over eager kid. The visible offshoot is a male walking across. Jolly looking image.

Photo by Shaie Williams

Speaking of things that can make we smile, if this puppy print by Shaie doesn’t make we laugh during least, we are heartless! Kidding aside, notice a hardness of a wall, a timber frame, and a foliage. Overall, works as a black and white image.

Photo by Tom Jouk

Tom’s print got a many feedback and likes for this assignment. The fog, a abyss of field, and a characters in a support is a ideal mix that worked with any other. The unique figure on a right balances a support from a really bustling moments on a left side. This is something that will demeanour good printed large.

Photo by Helena Zanting

Architecture is really engaging in black and white. However, to spin it into a travel photograph, we need to have a vehement moment. The biker in Helena’s print is precisely that.

Photo by Harry Fodor

The downside of putting signage or difference in a print is that it can infrequently detract courtesy divided from your subject. Unless there is a association or juncture to a categorical subject. As common there are no tough and quick manners in photography that’s because notwithstanding a signage, this print by Harry still works. The signage didn’t detract courtesy divided from a sole figure walking opposite a sign.

Photo by Chilun Leung

Chilun’s print looks like it was carried true off a fear film starring a child mislaid in a carnival. Black and white works good to emanate a atmosphere and a combination shows a lot of depth. The picture looks really purify as good as if all was set-up and deliberately placed there. Kudos to Chilun for this one.

Photo by Nic Wassell

Everything falls together good for this picture by Nic. we like how a eye would slip towards a woman, a tree, and afterwards her environment. Good call on him to keep a shade detail.

Photo by Tanya Rempel Barnett

I’m presumption this is some arrange of zipline yet afterwards again, black and white can make an picture surreal. Tanya did so in this image. we don’t know what it is yet as usual, putting black total on a white credentials creates all pop. The structure and lines also done all firm that works for this image.

Photo by OC Ram Coballes

Using black and white to rouse your visible offshoot is a name of this assignment’s diversion and OC got that one here. The male in a hole and his nonplussed countenance seems as yet it was isolated from existence or combined in a badly photoshopped manner. A good and rather humorous image.

Photo by Gian James Maagad

Every assignment, we have that one picture that if it was explained further, it will only hurt it. For this assignment, this print by Gian is that one. So many things function such as a gestures, shapes, and emotions. Good job!

Which sketch from this set would we collect as a best image? You can carillon in with a criticism below. If you’d like to attend in a subsequent Streettogs Academy challenge, we can follow along on Facebook.

About a author: Angelo Gian De Mesa is a travel photographer formed in Pasig City, Philippines. He writes about photography for a Eric Kim Street Photography Blog and is a co-host of a Third World Linux podcast for Channel Fourteen. You can find his work on his website. This essay was blending from a post that initial seemed here.

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