American Photojournalist James Foley Allegedly Executed in Video Released by …

August 20, 2014 - photo frame

Photo by and Manu Brabo

Photo by and ©Manu Brabo

American freelance photojournalist James Foley was allegedly executed yesterday, an slaughter that was suggested in a offensive video expelled by a belligerent organisation ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria).

Foley, 40, was kidnapped on Thanksgiving Day 2012 while operative in northern Syria, and hadn’t been listened from until yesterday when a video — that we have selected not to hide per his family’s wishes — was released.

Initially uploaded to YouTube with a pretension “A Message to America,” a video shows a male in an orange jumpsuit, allegedly Foley, kneeling beside an ISIS belligerent with a British accent. Foley is forced to recite an anti-American statement, after that a belligerent beheads him.

The video afterwards shows another journalist, identified as kidnapped CNN contributor Steven Sotloff, whose life, says a militant, depends on President Obama’s subsequent move.

Mr. Foley’s cousin, Kelly Foley, asked that people not watch or share a video, and to greatfully honour her family’s remoteness during this perplexing time. While his mother, Diane Foley, expelled a matter above on a Free James Foley Facebook page.

The sincerity of a video has not been reliable yet, though National Security Council mouthpiece Caitlin Hayden expelled a matter observant that “the comprehension village is operative fast to establish a authenticity.”

“If genuine,” she continued, “we are confounded by a heartless murder of an trusting American journalist.”

(via NY Times)

Image credits: Photograph by Manu Brabo, pleasantness of Free James Foley

Correction: Kelly Foley was primarily identified as Mr. Foley’s wife, when she is in fact his cousin. The essay has been corrected.

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