Amber Heard accuses Depp of ‘smashing her face with iPhone’

May 28, 2016 - photo frame

Photo shown in justice exhibit pieces of damaged potion and a cracked support in Amber Heard’s home as Johnny Depp is systematic to stay divided from his mother after he allegedly threw a mobile phone during her face.

The actor has been strike with a confining sequence after his mother seemed in justice with a black eye, accusing him of outstanding her face with an iPhone and assaulting her via their ‘entire marriage’.

Amber Heard seemed during LA’s higher justice with a black eye, accusing Depp of attack her. Photo: AP

Amber Heard, who filed for divorce in Los Angeles on Monday and is seeking wedding support from a 52-year-old “Pirates of a Caribbean” star, says she is a plant of steady attacks by Depp.

Amber Heard left a courtroom in tears. Photo: 7 News
Photos shown in LA justice uncover pieces of a damaged potion in Amber Heard’s house
A print of a crushed print support in Amber Heard’s house

“The decider expelled a confining sequence opposite Depp,” a central told AFP, adding that Heard, 30, had shown adult during LA’s higher justice with a painful face.

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Heard submitted cinema to a justice to support her claims of abuse and pronounced she feared Depp competence mistreat her.

The intolerable accusations summarized in justice papers fact Depp’s purported aroused episodes, one of that Heard claims happened after he didn’t uncover adult to her birthday celebration on Apr 21 this year.

“Johnny and we had a contention about his deficiency from my birthday celebration that run-down into a bad evidence that started with Johnny throwing a magnum distance bottle of champgne during a wall and a decline potion on me and a floor,” Heard’s matter said.

Am­ber Heard’s do­mest­ic vi­ol­ence al­leg­a­tions opposite Johnny Depp and his law­yer’s re­sponse. Photo: LA Times

“Johnny afterwards grabbed me by a hair and vigourously shoved me onto a floor.”

Heard pronounced in a matter she didn’t see Depp for a month after a occurrence until he allegedly showed adult during her chateau on May 21.

She claims Depp became “increasingly enraged” after he “began obsessing about something that wasn’t true”.

Amber Heard. Photo: AP

Heard pronounced she called a crony to see if he could ease Depp, after that he “wound him (sic) arm like a ball pitcher and threw a dungeon phone during me distinguished my impertinence and eye with good force”.

“During a entirety of a relationship, Johnny has been verbally and physically violent to me,” a matter continued.

Amber Heard. Photo: AP

She combined that Depp has a “totally concurred open and private story of drug and ethanol abuse,” and that she was frightened of his temper.

TMZ published a design display Heard, with bruising around her right eye, stating it was taken shortly after Depp crushed his iPhone into her face on Saturday night.

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Amber in an undated Instagram photo. Source: Instagram

“Heard claims after he allegedly strike her, he offering her income to stay quiet, yet instead she filed for divorce initial thing Monday morning,” TMZ reported.

It combined however that Heard refused to record charges opposite her father when military showed adult during their chateau on Saturday.

The website remarkable that Heard says she is confronting an evident hazard of mistreat from Depp, even yet a actor is in Europe compelling his new film “Alice Through a Looking Glass,” that was expelled on Friday.

Amber Heard. Photo: AP
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard during a 2016 Grammy Awards. Photo: AP

The justice order, that is in outcome until Jun 17, bans Depp from entrance within 100 yards (91 meters) of Heard.

Depp’s counsel Laura Wasser denied requests for comment, while Heard’s profession Samantha Spector was not immediately available.

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