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September 11, 2014 - photo frame


The thought that 4K+ fortitude video will shortly turn a large thing in still photography is one secure in convenience. While it doesn’t seem video will pass still photography for good anytime soon, Amateur Photographer wanted to dip their toes in a water.

In a new experiment, a Amateur Photographer group motionless that a Sep 20th emanate of their repository would underline a cover that uses a still picture extracted from video shot during 4K.

With a small-but-impressive Panasonic Lumix GH4 in hand, they found a indication and started shooting.


As a 1.5-minute shave next shows, they organised a fire to take place in a series of environments, from a sincerely bustling corridor to a studio. Using a GH4 in mural orientation, a photographer (or videographer?) prisoner a indication as she ran by her healthy course of poses.

Eventually, a video pauses on a still from a shoot, quickly shows what edits were made, afterwards overlays a magazine’s cover text. The outcome is a rather considerable repository cover that was combined from video rather than single-frame still photography.

Amateur Photographer states “this is, to a knowledge, a initial detailed repository cover of a kind ever to be published.” And after usually an admittedly discerning hunt opposite a web, a explain seems to reason up.

Inside a magazine, Amateur Photographer runs by a routine in some-more detail. As a verdict, they write,

If a format is able of producing images that we’re happy to use to sell a repository on a news-stand, we consider photographers should take notice.

If it works, it works. Amateur Photography editor Nigel Atherton also weighed in, saying,

Many AP readers are changeable about video, so a thought of 4K video modes being a Next Big Thing to seem on DSLRs and CSCs is substantially reduction than thrilling, though this week we uncover because we should consider again.

So, big or not, it was a good small examination that shows what a destiny has in store for photography and videography. To see a repository for yourself, we can collect adult a digital copy by a series of outlets or a earthy duplicate during your internal bookstore/retailer.

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