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December 22, 2016 - photo frame

Q: we updated my Windows 7 PC to Windows 10, yet afterwards had difficulty with my tough drive. To equivocate losing any data, including 20 years of photos, we done a “system image” of my tough expostulate on 7 DVD disks. Then we reformatted a tough expostulate and reinstalled Windows 10. But now we can’t collect a photos regulating Microsoft’s Disk Management program. What can we do?

Joseph Guido, Oley, Pa.


A: You are regulating a wrong Microsoft module to redeem a “system image,” a form of PC backup that creates an accurate duplicate of all on your tough drive, including Windows 10. The module to use is called “system design recovery.”

The liberation will reinstate all now on your tough expostulate with what was there during a time we done a complement image. For step-by-step directions, see and corkscrew down to “launching complement design recovery.”

But first, make certain your tough expostulate is operative (see “warning signs of tough expostulate failure” during If a drive’s actions are questionable, reinstate it.

Once we start a complement design recovery, you’ll face a integrate of possibilities:

The complement design restores properly: You’ll get your photos back, yet you’ll also get behind a prior designation of Windows 10. If that designation was flawed, you’ll be removing those problems back, too.

The complement design won’t restore: This could occur if your tough expostulate wasn’t operative scrupulously when we done a complement image. But even if a complement design can’t be restored, we might be means to redeem particular photos, this time by regulating a Windows Disk Management program. For step-by-step directions, see (the directions are for Windows 7, yet a slight is a same for Windows 10.)

In a future, remember that a complement design module is usually for emergencies, not slight information backups. It will be most easier to collect your irreplaceable photos and information if we duplicate usually those files to an outmost tough expostulate or peep drive.


Q: My Kodak Pulse Digital Frame (a Wi-Fi-equipped digital design frame) worked good until it recently stopped usurpation new photos around Wi-Fi, even yet a device’s memory isn’t full. The design support also keeps disconnecting from my Wi-Fi network. What can we do?

Janet Millstein, Aventura, Fla.


A: Push a “Health Check” symbol on a behind of a design frame, that will arrangement a frame’s Wi-Fi tie on a screen. A blue arrow beside a Wi-Fi source means a tie is working, and a red arrow means it’s not. Touch a “fix it” symbol on a shade to correct a connection. For some-more help, see page 29 of a user beam during

If that doesn’t work, pierce a support closer to your wireless router to urge Wi-Fi reception. Or change a router’s Wi-Fi radio channel to equivocate division (see

If a support still doesn’t accept new photos, make certain a cinema being sent to it are in a “.JPG” (also created JPEG) record format that a support requires. To check a record format on a PC, right-click a print and select properties. On a Mac, use a “Get Info” authority (see


E-mail tech questions to Include name, city and write number.

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