Acanvas streaming design support will recharge itself to keep your photos on display

May 13, 2016 - photo frame

In theory, digital print frames were ostensible to be a design support of a future. In reality, however, a tech has nonetheless to indeed mangle out, tormented by a consistent need to be plugged in, painfully tiny screens, and an extremely bad UI.

Enter a Santa Clara-based prolongation association Acanvas and a self-titled, cord-free streaming height of a future, that launched currently on Kickstarter. With Acanvas, no longer will anyone have to select between unresolved a Picasso or arrangement off their grandkids — a device allows a users to seamlessly change a arrangement with though a few prompts on a smartphone. Now who pronounced digital frames were lame?


“We wish to move millions of pieces of art into a home, in a elementary and superb way, with a support that is easy to hang and as customizable as a art it houses,” reads a Kickstarter campaign. “Acanvas is the art arrangement for a home.”

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Under a hood, Acanvas utilizes a singular messenger focus called Art Stations (essentially a Pandora for art) that has a ability to tide a accumulation of opposite artistic pieces opposite a handful of genres. Conversely, users also have a choice of simply casting an picture of their selecting onto a frame. In terms of aesthetics, a Acanvas is able of being hung possibly by itself, with a black-brown or china tangled support from a association itself, or any tradition support a user desires.

Perhaps a many innovative — and somewhat creepy — underline is how a device boasts a ability to assign itself as a battery starts depleting. With a built-in, self-powered retractable cord, a Acanvas automatically lowers a horse into a messenger assign hire to feed a onboard battery. Users have a choice of environment this singular assign capability to work while they are divided or they can make use of a device’s darkness-sensing technology, that lowers a assign wire after detecting when a lights are off (aka everyone’s asleep).

IMG_6007-Edit with photo

“Acanvas’ self-charging complement ensures a horse and a charging hire always make a plain connection,” continues a debate page. “We wanted Acanvas to mix into a credentials as a permanent square of home decor, so a motorized complement is still and moves uniformly and deliberately.”

As of this writing, a Acanvas debate has lifted only over $11,000 in appropriation toward a $100,000 goal. Early bird adopters have a choice of purchasing this innovative support for only $299, roughly $200 off a suggested sell value of a support once it hits production. Moreover, Kickstarter backers also get one giveaway year of a Art Stations use (a $120 value), that allows them to openly entrance a low library of offering design anytime, anywhere.

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