A Simple News Photo from Hong Kong Calls out a Economics

October 15, 2014 - photo frame

October 14, 2014

When we demeanour during criticism photos in a news stream, what we mostly see are scenes of a citizen contra a militarized state. That’s because this news print from a democracy overthrow in Hong Kong is noteworthy.

In this age of Citizens United, oligarchy, robbery revolutionary marketplace economies and giveaway markets aligned with a value of “all-for-one,” when do we ever see a criticism print that captures and illustrates a craving complement itself — as opposite to a crackdown in a streets in invulnerability of that system?

To a border that a conflict for domestic and mercantile probity is tough to describe when it comes to news photography, a supervision domicile building in Hong Kong (which, no surprise, is uncelebrated from a bureau tower) indeed serves as a combined and staggering counterpoint to a colorful “umbrella revolution” (all those umbrellas made in China, by a way).

Shades of a supervision as an industrial monolith, this is a estimable try to support a particular opposite not only a domestic though a mercantile state.

(photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters. caption: A yellow umbrella, a pitch of what has been dubbed a ‘Umbrella Revolution’, is seen in front of a supervision domicile building in Hong Kong.)

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