A face, a photo, a poser for Ballico antique collector

April 28, 2015 - photo frame

From a emails, voicemails and other sources:

WHO IS HE? About a year ago, Stephanie Telles of Ballico went selling in a Modesto antique store and found a design support to supplement to her collection.

It is a pitch frame, on a hinge that allows a displayer to change a angle of a photo. This sole support contained a sketch of a sailor. Like many from a World War II era, someone had taken a Navy-issue black-and-white mural to an artist to be colorized, not distinct in judgment what they do with black-and-white movies.

Telles found herself staring during a sailor’s boyish face – so youthful, so vicious – and wondered about him: Who was he? What happened to him? Why would family no longer have a photo?

His name isn’t anywhere on a photo, usually a difference “eyes gray” handwritten on a back.

“I posted it on Facebook and on other amicable media,” she said, “in hopes somebody competence commend him. I’d like to get him behind to this family. My father was in a service. I’d wish someone to get that design behind to me.”

So often, when a family member dies, boxes of photographs are rejected – during estate sales or left behind in an deserted storage space to be sole to replenish let costs.

This one astounded Telles, a collector, since it remained in such good shape. That, she said, indicates it substantially remained in a support composed for a long, prolonged time. A hunt of a book of photos of troops crew from a area who served during World War II incited adult a integrate of sailors who looked like him, though in opposite poses. Generally, a troops took one mural of a soldier, infantryman or Marine and that became a central print sent to their families and hometown newspapers. They didn’t do endless mural sessions same to high propagandize comparison pictures.

Since a time she brought it home, a print and support have sat alongside a print of her father, also a Navy male and also graphic in uniform. Family members would revisit and ask who it was and how they were related.

Now, she said, it’s time for a infantryman to go behind home to his possess family. If anyone recognizes him and knows of a family member, hit Telles during tellesranch@yahoo.com.

SADNESS – Last week, we wrote about a new collision in Hornitos that left 59-year-old cowboy Gary Thompson of Escalon with a vicious conduct injury. His collision was a third tragedy entrance from a ranch, commencement when plantation owners Art Turner suffered a heart conflict and died while removing prepared to work cattle in Sep 2012.

Bob Wood, who worked with Turner during a ranch, built Turner’s coffin. Then, in March, a mind aneurysm struck Wood only as he, too, prepared to work cattle during a ranch. Friends including Thompson and kin helped build Wood’s coffin in time for a Mar 27 wake in Hornitos. Thompson led Wood’s riderless equine adult a highway to a cemetery.

Then, Apr 19, Thompson was knocked to a belligerent by a same equine during a same plantation and suffered a conduct injury. He died Monday during Doctors Medical Center, accurately a month to a day after Wood’s service. Another coffin to build, another wake to schedule.

WELL, NOW … My Sunday mainstay focused on residents of Horseshoe Road easterly of Oakdale, who met final week to share their frustrations and fears about a blast of almond orchards and wells drilled in their area. They vented in sole during Trinitas, an investment organisation that has planted thousands of acres of almonds on both sides of a Stanislaus River. To clarify, a well-drilling supply shown in a print concomitant a mainstay is on land owned by Virgil Thompson of Oakdale, not by Trinitas.

MAYS, McCOVEY, MODESTO – Received a good video from Joey Barney of Modesto. Converted from home film film, it’s of an muster diversion or struggle opposite a Modesto Reds during a aged Del Webb Field in a mid-1960s. The shave includes footage of Willie Mays, pitcher Ron Herbel warming up, and Willie McCovey encircling a bases after a home run in front of a packaged residence in a aged ballpark, prolonged before it was rebuilt. Mays, in fact, is coaching initial base. The pointer for Al’s Drive-In, that was in a 700 retard of McHenry Avenue, is manifest on a wall behind a third-base dugout. Barney is a boy, round top on sideways, in a initial few seconds of a video. He’s 55 now and looks to be about 8 then.

We’ve posted a shave on Modbee.com and YouTube.

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