A dream fulfilled: Local lady buys a dilemma store ‘in a heart’ of Riverhead

January 12, 2015 - photo frame

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The classical “corner store” on a dilemma of Northville Turnpike and Elton Street has a new owner.

Longtime Riverhead renter Nadia Chiaramonte has purchased a delicatessen from Charlie Klein, who owned and operated a store as CK’s Deli given 1996.

Chiaramonte has renamed it “4Cs” — for her four-person chief family: her father of 22 years, Anthony and her sons, Anthony, 19 and Alex, 15 — and, of course, herself.

Chiaramonte has always fanciful a thought of owning a deli. Her father-in-law was a longtime renter of a Polish Town Deli on Pulaski Street. She and her husband, who is now a salesman with Riverhead Building Supply, helped him run a deli. Her sons most grew adult there, she said. But when her father-in-law wanted to sell a deli, she said, “It only wasn’t a right time for us to buy.” The mom of dual immature children couldn’t make a kind of joining indispensable to run a deli, so it was not to be. But she never stopped forgetful about it.

“I unequivocally missed it,” she said.

A integrate of months ago, she got a call out of a blue from Klein, who was prepared for a change in his life and listened by a mutual crony she competence be meddlesome in shopping his building and business.

2015_0112_ck_deli_exteriorIt didn’t take Chiaramonte unequivocally prolonged to consider it over. She was on board. But she wasn’t certain how to mangle a news to her husband. As it turns out, she didn’t have to. Klein did it for her.

“Charlie told a whole town,” she laughs.

“It’s arrange of a final of a kind,” Chiaramonte said. “It’s Riverhead, by and through. It’s right in a heart of a community, in a center of a operative category area that unequivocally hasn’t altered most over a years,” she said. “We still get a same people here, who’ve been entrance here for many, many years — people who’ve watched it change hands over and over.”

“It’s a genuine local, village place.”

Chiaramonte grew adult a “military brat,” vital in opposite places around a world. The family staid in Calverton, her mom’s home town, after her father late from troops service. She was 13 during a time. She attended Riverhead High School and graduated in a Class of 1980. She went to work during Riverhead Town Hall and eventually served as emissary city clerk underneath longtime city clerk Irene Pendzick. She left city supervision in 1997, scarcely 3 years after her comparison son was born.

Today, her firstborn works in construction and skeleton to spend weekends assisting during a deli. Her younger son, a tyro during Riverhead High, will work there after school, she said. Her father will assistance out on weekends, too.

“It’s a genuine family affair,” Chiaramonte said. “They’re unequivocally understanding of this venture.”

Chiaramonte pronounced she’s vehement about her skeleton for a place, that embody stretched hours (“We’re deliberation opening Sundays” and shutting after during a week) as good as stocking grocery-store staples (bread, eggs, milk) and charity prepared dinners-for-two. The deli menu will also offer classical Polish (pierogis!) and Italian fare, as good “some all-American specials like burgers and fries and specialty build-your-own dogs,” she said.

She’s already holding orders for Super Bowl Sunday. 4Cs is charity a game-day special: a three-foot hero, pot of chili, tray of wings and 3 pounds of salads for $175 and tax. It feeds 15-20 people.

For now, during least, a deli’s hours will sojourn a same: 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday by Friday and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. Chiaramonte is meditative about shutting after on weekdays, she said, to accommodate people who wish to stop in to collect adult a prepared snack or grocery staples after work.

Klein’s collection of aged photos from around Riverhead  — a area favorite arrangement that adorns a west wall of a investiture — will be going to him, yet Chiaramonte pronounced she will be scanning them and skeleton to arrangement a digital versions of those images in a countertop print frame.

“It’s all about a community,” Chiaramonte said. “That’s only a kind of place this has always been.”

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