‘A Deadly Adoption’: The Top 13 Most ‘Lifetime’-ish Moments!

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Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell‘s rarely expected Lifetime strange film A Deadly Adoption premiered on Saturday night (June 20) and we’re recapping a film’s many “Lifetime”-ish moments!

The film is a high-stakes thespian thriller about a successful integrate (Ferrell and Wiig) who residence and caring for a profound lady (Jessica Lowndes) during a final months of her pregnancy with a hopes of adopting her unborn child.

After news of a film’s existence leaked to a press, Will and Kristen had scrapped skeleton to recover it. They after astounded fans by putting adult billboards to announce a recover date for a film. Make certain to go watch it!

Click inside to review a tip Lifetime-ish moments from A Deadly Adoption…


Will Ferrell – Robert
Kristen Wiig – Sarah
Jessica Lowndes – Brigitte
Alyvia Alyn Lynd – Sully
Bryan Safi – Charlie
Jake Weary – Dwayne

1. Sarah Falls Off a Dock in Slow Motion

Right during a commencement of a movie, we knew we were examination a Lifetime film when Sarah falls off a wharf while Robert looks on in shock. She was profound with a couple’s second child during a time and hits a corner of a vessel on a approach down. They remove a baby, that sets a rest of a film on a march as they confirm to adopt a baby to finish their family.

2. Brigitte Drops a Picture Frame It Shatters

When Brigitte, a profound lady looking to find relatives for her child, comes into Sarah and Robert’s home, she picks adult a design support and incidentally drops it. The print facilities a print of a integrate and their daughter. When a support falls, a potion shatters right over a family, maybe indication what is to come.

3. Brigitte Tears a Photo of Robert Sarah in Half

Looks like Brigitte has her heart set on Robert. While in her bedroom during a couple’s home, she sees a repository with Robert and Sarah on a cover. She tears it in half and drops a Sarah half to a ground.

4. Robert Sarah’s Daughter Rides Her Bike Into a Road

While Brigitte is examination Sully, she rides her bike into a highway while a automobile is pushing nearby a home. She screams, though we see that she didn’t get strike by a car… Dwayne, a male from Brigitte’s past, surprises a immature lady and grabs reason of her bike.

5. Brigitte is Wearing a Padded Baby Bump

While removing into a shower, Brigitte is interrupted by Sully, who sees that she is wearing a padded baby bump. Brigitte explains that she has a tiny baby strike so she has to wear a pad to make it demeanour like she is unequivocally pregnant. Is she profound during all?!

6. Robert Realizes He Had an Affair with Brigitte

Robert goes into Brigitte’s room and finds a sealed duplicate of one of a books that he wrote. He afterwards has a flashback and realizes he had an eventuality with Brigitte after he met her during a book signing event.

7. Jessica Lowndes’ Character Isn’t Really Brigitte Gibson

Brigitte kidnaps Sully and while articulate to a authorities, Robert and Sarah are presented with a print of Brigitte Gibson… and it’s not a Brigitte they know. We afterwards see that Brigitte is in a outline cabin with a male from a bicycle incident. They devise on holding Sully for ransom.

8. Sarah and Robert’s Friend Follows Dwayne to The Cabin

Sarah and Robert’s crony Charlie, who has met Brigitte before and once saw her with her boyfriend, sees Dwayne nearby his favorite coffee shop. Charlie decides to follow him and of march after nearing during a cabin, he is held and punched to a ground. He is afterwards shot and killed by a boyfriend.

9. Brigitte Pulls a Gun on Sarah Says She’s with Robert

Brigitte (whose genuine name is Joni) surprises Sarah during her home and says that she is Sully’s new mom now. She also says that she and Robert are using off together and gives an reason for because she came adult with this whole plot. Basically, Joni got profound during her one-night mount with Robert and she mislaid a baby. Years later, she saw him on radio with his family and says she became angry. Sarah and Joni get into a quarrel and Sarah ends adult unconscious. She puts Sarah into a automobile and a gas is spilling out. Then, Joni goes into a residence and finds Robert and tells him that they can be together now. He refuses and she shoots him. After a second shot, he ends adult comatose on a ground.

10. Joni Turns on Dwayne

Dwayne realizes that Joni is feeling with Robert and gets into an evidence with her. She afterwards shoots him and tells Sully that her relatives are passed and that she’s her new mommy now.

11. Robert and Sarah Aren’t Actually Dead, Of Course!

Robert wakes adult and finds Sarah in a automobile and dramatically escapes out of a gas-filled garage with her.

12. Robert Faces His Fear of a Lake to Save Sully

Robert realizes that he needs to transport by vessel opposite a lake to get to Sully and save her. He faces his fear of a lake (which started after Sarah fell on a dock).

13. Sarah Saves a Day by Killing Joni on a Bridge

Robert found Joni and Sully as they were about to expostulate over a bridge. Sully creates a automobile snake and pile-up on a side of a bridge. She gets out of a automobile and runs to her father, though Joni gets out and points a gun during them. She calls for Sully to come over to her, though instead (at Robert’s direction), she jumps off a overpass and into a water. Robert jumps in after his daughter and they get into a boat. Joni tries to fire them, though Sarah shoots and kills Joni first.

The family lives happily ever after (and they have a dance celebration of course!).

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