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September 8, 2016 - photo frame

Upgrading to a new tool always feels like Christmas morning, though it also leaves we with an aged smartphone or inscription holding adult space. Usually, zero is wrong with your aged gadget. You usually don’t need it anymore.

Or do you? Before we confirm to sell it or give it away, there are some really cold things we can do with it. You’ll really wish to give these a try.

1. Security camera

You don’t need a finish confidence complement usually to watch a singular room, closet, drawer or valuables box. A singular Internet-connected confidence camera can do a job, though because spend a money?

With a elementary giveaway app, we can renovate your Android or Apple tool into a motion-activated confidence camera that annals images and alerts we when someone comes snooping. Check out Salient Eye (Android; free) or Manything (Apple; free). Then, click here to learn how to make them work and what to do if we need some-more confidence in your home.

2. Digital imitation frame

If we wish to support a digital design to hang on a wall, we have to imitation it out. Of course, interjection to easy digital photography, we substantially have hundreds or thousands of good cinema to select from.

Instead of perplexing to choose, spin an aged inscription into a digital design frame. It can lay on a list or opposite and arrangement hundreds of good photos in a row.

For an Android tablet, squeeze a Dayframe app (free). Not usually does it let we set adult imitation slideshows from internal photos, it can lift images from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other vital imitation and amicable media sites. Plus, if we have a Google Chromecast, we can simply tide photos to your TV and spin it into a hulk digital imitation frame.

For an iPad, Digital Photo Frame (free) and Picmatic (free) are dual good apps. Digital Photo Frame lets we lift images from online sources while Picmatic lets we supplement filters and emanate engaging layouts.

3. Universal controller

Tired of sophistry remotes for your TV, streaming box, Blu-ray actor and more? You can spin your aged tool into a concept remote control for your whole home party system.

Most new Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players and streaming video boxes have remote apps. Simply bucket a app on your tool and we have finish control over Wi-Fi. For comparison gadgets, we can get an IR conductor adapter like a Zmart Remote PRO or a Wireless-to-IR bottom hire like a Logitech Harmony Hub.

If we have other Wi-Fi enabled appliances in a house, like intelligent light bulbs or thermostats, we can control those as well. And we don’t have to stop during your party complement and appliances. An app like Remote Mouse (Android, Apple; free) lets we control your mechanism regulating your smartphone or inscription over your network.

4. For a kids

If your children are clamoring for a tool of their own, an aged one is ideal for examination videos, reading eBooks or personification games. You can set it adult so they stay safe. And if they destroy it, it isn’t a genuine loss.

On Android tablets with chronicle 4.3 and up, we can emanate Restricted Profiles underneath SettingsDevicesUsers so we have finish control over what your kids are doing. Apple lets we capacitate restrictions on in-app purchases and some apps.

You can also implement a third-party app like Famigo (Android, Apple; free) that thatch a tool into a kid-friendly mode. Click here to learn some-more about pity tablets with people and still gripping your privacy.

You’ll also wish to implement an app like DinnerTime (Android, Apple; free) that lets we close down a tool when a kids start misbehaving or it’s time for family dinner.

5. e-Book reader

A good use for an aged inscription is a dedicated eBook reader. You can implement a giveaway Kindle app (Android, Apple; free) to review any of your Amazon eBooks, or buy new ones from Google Play or iTunes Books.

You can also lease eBooks from your internal library by a Overdrive app (Android, Apple; free). Or download giveaway ones online from Project Gutenberg or other online eBook collections.

6. Alarm clock

I know a lot of people use their smartphones as their alarm clock. While this gives we some-more alarm options than your standard time radio, it can disquiet your rest if we get texts or other notifications cocktail adult during a night.

Using an aged smartphone (or tablet) means we can spin off any distractions and usually use a tool as an alarm. Apple and Android both have good built-in alarm functions, though we can do more.

Grab an app like Sleep Cycle Alarm (Apple; $1), Sleep As Android (Android; free) or Sleepbot (Android, Apple; free). These lane your sleeping patterns and arise we adult during accurately a right impulse so you’re refreshed.

7. Dedicated automobile player

Tired of removing in a automobile and holding spending a notation or dual plugging in your phone so we can listen to your music? Load your song library on your aged phone and hang it in your automobile permanently. Click here to learn how we can spin an typical folder shave into a smartphone hilt for your car.

Turn on a Wi-Fi so it connects to your network while a automobile is parked during home to squeeze new song or your favorite podcasts. You can also squeeze an app like MAPS.ME (Android, Apple; free) that gives we navigation but a mobile connection.

Bonus tip: If we are going to sell your gadget, or give it away, make certain we totally clean your personal information off of it first. Click here for step-by-step instructions to keep snoops from removing their hands on your information.

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