7 Crucial Tips to Practice Safe Sexting

September 27, 2014 - photo frame

Yesterday’s adore records are today’s sexts. While both uncover affection, one comes with aloft risks.

X-rated texts have risen in recognition among smartphone owners, though they’ve turn an generally prohibited materialisation among immature adults. In fact, a series of 18- to 24-year-olds receiving sexts jumped from 26% to 44% in 2012.

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It’s transparent since a sexting diversion has turn so renouned — it’s convenient, builds fad and lets we daub into your fantasies with a reason of a button. Just cruise gripping your activity secure and password-protected from hackers.

To safely piquancy adult your sext life, cruise these 7 intelligent tips.

1. Decide either to embody your face.

As frightful as it sounds, all it takes is one chairman to share your risque print with a world. That’s since we should cruise either to support your face in your subsequent sext. Don’t forget other identifiable features, such as tattoos — if no one can infer it’s you, maybe you’ll nap improved during night.

Remember: Blurring out in Photoshop doesn’t always work; some program can retreat a fuzz feature.

Instead of flat-out display your face or promulgation pithy nudes, Dr. Scot Conway, a advisor and mentor, says pragmatic nudes can reinstate pithy nudes.

“An arm draped opposite a breasts, a topless print from behind, a side shot, a towel or piece reason in front of a physique are all options,” Conway tells Mashable. “A small flipping by non-pornographic magazines will give we a lot of ideas for sexy, non-explicit options.”

2. Don’t splash and sext.

Sexting tweet

If celebration and texting don’t mix, afterwards celebration and sexting are definitely a risk.

You competence strech for your phone, feeling dauntless and adventurous, though when we dipsomaniac sext we have a aloft risk of sexting a wrong chairman or sexting messages and photos you’ll bewail in a morning. Save yourself a embarrassment, and put your phone aside when a ethanol is flowing.

3. Delete EXIF metadata from your photos.


Just since no one can tell you’re in a photo, there’s still a approach for people to figure out we captured it.

Cameras automatically supplement metadata when we snap a photo. This dark information includes sum like location, date and time a print was taken, and what camera (and even camera shutter) was used.

Here’s how to perspective a EXIF information of images on your computer:

  • Windows: Right-click picture record Properties Details tab.

  • Mac: Right-click picture record Get Info More Info. Keep in mind that Mac computers don’t uncover all of a metadata. You can use third celebration apps such as File Viewer to perspective all of a metadata.

If you’re on a Windows computer, we can undo a metadata by simply clicking “Remove Properties and Personal Information.” If you’re on a Mac computer, we will need to download third-party software, such as ImageOptim, to undo a data.

There are several EXIF remover apps accessible during a Google Play Store (like EXIF Stripper) and iTunes (like TrashExif).

4. Delete a evidence.

delete photos

Image: Screenshot, iPhone

You never know who competence be snooping around your phone, or who can incidentally locate steer of your bare print or unwashed content message.

“It’s best to undo photos only in box we have a robe of losing or withdrawal your phone fibbing around — generally though a passcode,” clergyman and sex therapist Dr. John W. Beiter tells Mashable.

If you’d like to reason onto your photos, we can record them divided on a USB that we keep in a secure place.

5. Don’t sext during work.

Work sexts

This tip competence be a no-brainer, though you’d be astounded how many people sext during work. According to a recent poll, many sexting takes place on Tuesdays between a hours of 10 a.m. and noon, when many people are out of bed and working.

With that said, sexting during work is unsure — and sexting by your work phone is even riskier, and something we should never do. If any of your inclination are connected to your employer’s Wi-Fi network, we competence wish to be careful. Your workplace competence be tracking your phone, and it could be probable for them to entrance your sext messages by Wi-Fi. You don’t wish to finish adult in an ungainly review with your boss, wanting to explain yourself.

Beiter also suggests being aware of where your partner is. If he or she is during work, or in an area where other people are firm to perspective a sexts, equivocate promulgation anything we competence regret.

6. Sext over a secure device.

iPad and iPhone

Image: Flickr, https://www.flickr.com/photos/ivyfield/

If we have mixed inclination that are connected to any other, consider twice before attack send.

Let’s contend you’re sexting from your iPhone by iMessage, and your iPad is connected to your iMessage. Your iPad sitting during home will also go off, and it competence only locate your roommate’s attention. This can also occur by present messaging apps like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger.

To equivocate this situation, make certain we send content messages by a single, secure device, and know that inclination your target uses to store his or her messages.

7. Make certain we trust your partner.

It’s easy to tumble for a “I swear we won’t uncover anyone” and “come on” texts. But unfortunately, a chairman we trust currently competence misuse we tomorrow. Before promulgation a text, take a second to consider about how most we unequivocally trust a recipient.

“After breakups, revenge porn becomes an emanate … If a lady sends a print to her beloved and one of his friends sees it on his phone and forwards it as a prank, it’s out,” Conway says. “Even when we have a committed relationship, caring contingency still be taken.”

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