6 ways to make a many of Google Photos for Android and iOS

August 10, 2015 - photo frame

So long, Google+ Photos, and a large hello to Google Photos. What’s a difference, besides a blank and sign? Plenty, as it turns out.

For those who need a recap: On Aug 1, Google+ Photos, a print storage and pity use that’s integrated into a Google+ amicable network, started a delayed fade. Replacing it is Google Photos, a revamped, standalone print use that comes with a span of apps: one for Android, another for iOS.

What this means for Android and iOS users is that there’s a new approach to use Google to store, share, perspective and revise your changed cinema (and yes, your Google+ Photos will automatically seem in a Google Photos app), as good as new apps to learn. The good news is that a Google Photos app is clever, easy to use (much easier than a treacherous iOS Photos app, if we ask me), and installed with some absolute features.

Yes, you’ll be means to behind adult your print albums usually as before (an programmed Assistant will take caring of that once we glow adult a app), and you’ll still be means to crop, supplement filters, and share your cinema on your favorite amicable network. But a new Google Photos app will also let we emanate present print collages, splash a shade for a bird’s-eye perspective of your snapshots, daub and drag to name batches of images, and more.

Read on for 6 ways that a new Google Photos app can assistance we constraint a moment, starting with…

1. Search for anything in your photos

Sure, many photo-management apps let we hunt your cinema by location, face or tags (although how many of us unequivocally take a time to tab all a photos?). Google Photos takes a judgment a step further, vouchsafing we hunt your print albums for…well, roughly anything in a picture. Just daub a floating blue Search symbol (it’s a one with a magnifying potion icon) to get started.

Search for “cars” and Google Photos will scour your library for cinema of automobiles.

A hunt on “boats,” for example, pulled adult snapshots from a fishing outing my mother and we took a few years back. Searching for “train” popped adult cinema from a sight museum that we took my three-year-old to final winter. And vocalization of my daughter, “smile” found dozens of photos of my small lady lucent happily.

Google Photo’s hunt capabilities are still really most a work in progress. For example, my “train” hunt gave me hits for usually one design from a sight museum trip, skipping photos of my daughter holding Thomas a Tank Engine, while my “boats” came adult with snapshots of my small one shifting down a red slip … which, perhaps, looks like a boat?

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