6 iPhone Apps for Budding Filmmakers

November 21, 2014 - photo frame

Is it probable to make Oscar-worthy film footage regulating an iPhone? Actually, it’s already been done.

Last year, a extravagantly renouned documentary Searching for Sugar Man became a initial film shot partly on an iPhone to win an Academy Award. This year, Apple expelled a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, braggadocio an softened camera peculiarity that can spin any pledge digital filmmaker into a pro.

In fact, absolute iPhone apps exist for flattering most all a stages of video sharpened and editing, from manually adjusting bearing to adding text, music, and pattern to your film. It’s no longer required to upsurge large budgets into formulating peculiarity video footage, as you’ve got all a hardware we need in your pocket. But where do we begin?

We sifted by a video apps on a iTunes Store and found 6 of a best to support we via a sharpened and modifying process. Remember to appreciate us in your Oscar acceptance speech.

1. For that out-of-date feel: 8mm Vintage Camera

When film executive Malik Bendjelloul ran out of income while sharpened Searching for Sugar Man, he incited to a $1.99 8mm Vintage Camera app. Created by Nexvio, a app practically mimics retro-looking 8 mm film, that he used to fire scenes of his award-winning documentary to get an authentic outcome of ’70s-style footage. He even used a app to fire video footage true off his laptop screen.

As a name suggests, 8mm Vintage Camera will make your footage demeanour splendidly aged and charming. There are 10 filters to name from, as good as 7 opposite lenses to supplement flickers, vignettes, light leaks, and even tone fringing to your footage. Despite a iPhone 6 Plus’ efforts to stabilise images, 8mm Vintage Camera offers a underline to make your film jitter to resemble genuine support shakes constructed by 8 mm projectors.

8mm Vintage Camera lets we fire offline, creation it a good app to constraint footage on a go and save it directly to your camera roll. The user interface resembles that of an aged camera, and nonetheless it feels a small clunky, it is elementary to use and offers a real-time viewfinder to let we directly control and change aesthetics. 

2. For all a bells and whistles: MoviePro

6 iPhone Apps for Budding Filmmakers

MoviePro is for a film precisionist who values quality. Priced at $4.99, a app has been totally updated to take advantage of a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ new camera processors. You can record footage during 3K (an considerable 3072 × 1728 pixels per frame) during adult to 30 frames per second with an iPhone 5s, 6, or 6 Plus. The audio peculiarity is glorious and tractable as well, generally when adding a microphone, that can be connected by Bluetooth or cable.

Despite being intensely function-heavy, MoviePro’s interface is elegantly designed with many customizable options dark behind menus. Its user-friendly pattern is good executed and has a same Apple program laxity as programs like iMovie. The default settings like focus, exposure, and white change are all automatic, creation it easy to collect adult and get sharpened right away. It’s an app that is usually as permitted to those with reduction film sharpened and modifying knowledge as a pros.

Almost all within a app is adjustable, even a interface, that deftly changes march for maladroit users. Surprising facilities embody “Spymode,” that lets we fire disreputable footage by creation your shade black or displaying a immobile picture from your print library while you’re filming, ideal for clandestine stating or documentary fillmmaking.

When it comes to editing, MoviePro has dual opposite options: a Mini Editor for modifying particular clips and a Full Editor for modifying mixed clips or handling opposite projects.

You can do all a common stuff, like copy, trim, merge, split, and restrict clips, insert transitions, even supplement images. It’s an present resolution for, say, your need to emanate a discerning high-quality, branded representation video for your startup on a shoestring budget.

3. For veteran and on-the-go: Kinomatic 

Kinomatic app

Kinomatic, labelled during $3.99, is rather of a hybrid: The app is discerning and also lets we take control over sharpened your footage. A comparatively new further to a app market, Kinomatic has been totally redesigned for iOS 8 by permitting we to control a support rate (either 24, 25, or 30 frames per second, or adult to 60 frames per second for a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus). 

Similar to MoviePro, Kinomatic’s interface is kept as sharp as probable though skimping on facilities or performance. In further to a common settings — such as picture stabilization and apart primer composition of white balance, focus, and bearing — we can supplement clips, audio and text.

Using a app feels light and easy, and it’s transparent a app makers focused on a user-driven approach. “We’re aiming for an intuitive, faster, lighter approach to make films. Often apparatus gets in people’s way; there are high training curves with camera and editor apps,” Mei Olé, co-creator of Kinomatic says. “We spent time with filmmakers and video reporters to know their routine and make a apparatus that works how they work.”

4. For a amicable storyteller: Magisto – Magical Video Editor

Magisto Magical Video Editor

If MoviePro feels too critical and underline heavy, Magisto, that is accessible for giveaway download, brings a fun into filmmaking within a amicable playground. The app is good for pity film on amicable media, interjection to a elementary share feature, and lets we name from footage you’ve already shot as good as emanate new video. You can’t go wrong while sharpened regulating a elementary user interface, that offers usually a handful of facilities such as a peep and a ability to import additional clips.

Once you’ve prisoner a few shots, a app takes we true into your video and print library, where we can supplement additional footage during a endorsed 45 seconds in sum length, that can be rather frustrating. 

The app afterwards lets we name a thesis for your footage, such as “Indie,” “Be Mine,” “Fashion,” “So Cute,” and many more. (It’s easy to get carried divided with themes like “OMG!!” and there’s even a soundtrack choice called “LOL!”) Depending on your selection, a list of soundtracks seem that can be combined via your footage. Add a pretension and film length, and your film is prepared to be rendered, that takes a few mins before we can share it with a world.

It’s not until we strech a theatre of carrying your film rendered that we can try other people’s films. Similar to Instagram, we can criticism on and share other people’s movies.

While we don’t have full control over your footage due to a additional effects (think neon froth for a OMG!! theme), it’s a fun app to use since a outcome is rather unpredictable.

5. For speeding things up: Hyperlapse.
Hyperlapse, Instagram’s new giveaway further to a App Store, was released with good success progressing this year. A “hyperlapse” is a time-lapse video shot in suit that traditionally takes time, skill, and lots of calm to create, though can now be combined by anyone in seconds.

The combined beauty of Hyperlapse is in a really powerful video stabilizer, permitting for professional-looking film footage though a use of a tripod or a solid hand. Translating Instagram’s elementary user interface, you’re given usually dual options when recording: normal hyperlapse mode or “selfielapse” mode regulating a front facing-camera. At a press of a button, we can start or stop any recording, and afterwards speed your footage to adult to 12 times a normal speed.

The app’s pleasing transitions and well-spoken gestures offer a seamless knowledge from start to finish. It even has a low separator to entry, not forcing we to pointer adult to start filming. You can of march share your footage directly to Instagram or Facebook, or usually save it to your Camera Roll to watch later.

The best partial is a flourishing common of amazing footage that has been prisoner with Hyperlapse within Instagram’s community.

6. For negligence things down: SloPro 1000fps Slow Motion Video

Imagine recording a quarrel and negligence down a punch, saying a particular specks of dirt drifting as someone falls. These are visible effects that were probable usually in Hollywood usually 5 years ago, and now they’re in a palm of your hand.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are able of sharpened 240 frames per second slow-motion footage; SloPro (with a giveaway chronicle or $3.99 Pro version) can delayed down a support rate by adult to 1,000 fps after capturing. To concede this most slower support rate to be smooth, SloPro adds bridging effects like ghost, support blend, or visual upsurge that mix any support into a next.

The app is elementary to use; however, compared with Hyperlapse, it’s transparent SloPro concentrates on facilities over user knowledge and interface design.

SloPro works on a freemium model, definition you’ll have to ascent to a Pro chronicle to mislay a watermark, trade tender footage during 60 fps or email your videos. The giveaway chronicle does let we share directly to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, though you’ll have to put adult with a branding. The app also has a amicable element, vouchsafing we differentiate by a feed of videos that users have uploaded to YouTube.

Danielle is a author for Fueled, as good as co-founder and artistic executive of audio record companies Capsule.fm and Sterio.me. She cares about formulating suggestive practice by conceptualizing record products for humans, as good as mentoring startups during Startupbootcamp and UX Designers during CareerFoundry.

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