5 Fabulous Tech Hacks You Need In Your Life

January 26, 2017 - photo frame

Technology is great, though a cost of all those accessories, cables and gadgets can unequivocally supplement up. That’s since it’s always good when we can save some income here and there.

These 5 hacks make tech even improved since they offer elementary fixes to common nuisances and problems. From speakers we can make yourself, to startling uses for your aged devices, this list is guaranteed to simplify, classify and amp adult your life.

1. Amplify your phone’s speakers

Whenever we need a sound from your phone to be a bit louder, try this nifty trick. Placing your phone in a dry play or crater will amplify a sound via a room. It’s a good approach to boost a sound if you’re ever in a pinch, or don’t have time to squeeze your Bluetooth speaker.

2. Use Alexa to find your mislaid phone


You simply can’t find your phone no matter how many cushions we slice out of your sofa. How will we ever tell your associate to collect adult divert on a approach home? Then we remember: “Alexa, trigger find my phone.” Echo will afterwards call your phone, and we can follow a ring tinge or quivering to a location. This pretence is generally accessible when you’re alone.

That’s not all Amazon Alexa can do. Click here for 6 some-more singular abilities of this practical assistant.

3. Turn your aged inscription into a digital design frame


Do we have an aged inscription sitting around? Turn it into a digital design support to uncover off your vacations, kids, grandkids or anything else. You can also use an all-in-one computer, or even a unchanging mechanism if we don’t mind it holding adult space.

For a tablet or computer, only bucket adult a site like Photosnack. It pulls photos from your online accounts like Facebook and Flickr to give we a good slideshow.

If we wish to use internal pictures, only bucket them on your tablet, glow adult a print area and start a slideshow. There are also dedicated slideshow apps.

On a computer, bucket adult a images and afterwards emanate a new screensaver. In Windows, this is underneath Control Panel Personalize. For Mac, it’s Settings and Preferences Screensaver.

Choose your folder of images we wish to arrangement and afterwards let a mechanism do a rest.

Want even some-more uses for an aged tablet? Click here for 9 additional hacks for we to try.

4. Create DIY speakers from bland home items

Want a bit some-more sound from your phone speakers? We common a pretence of fixation it inside a bowl, though there are other DIY speakers we can make during home. Watch this video for 5 options, including one that uses a two-liter soda bottle!

5. Boost your Wi-Fi signal

Have an aged handle garments hanger, CD and CD case? Turn them into a accessible receiver to boost a Wi-Fi vigilance in your home. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Watch this video for step-by-step instructions.

Bonus: Test your remote control’s batteries

Have we ever wondered if a batteries in your remote control still had juice? Rather than take them out, only use this small pretence with your smartphone’s camera to see how splendid a light is.

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