5 Awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Photography Tools for Great Photos

October 1, 2016 - photo frame

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with a great camera. We’ve got 5 overwhelming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Photography collection we can use to assistance we get and suffer some fantastic photos with your Galaxy Note 7. Readers will find a integrate of these also listed in a 19 Exciting Official Galaxy Note 7 Accessories, though this list branches out to embody third-party collection as well.

The recall replaced a strange shipped chronicle of a Galaxy Note 7, that had a intensity to raze while charging, is in full pitch as of a date of this article. Be certain to lapse yours and get a new softened chronicle if we haven’t already.


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Joby GripTight POV Kit


Holding a dungeon phone to get fast shots isn’t unsentimental in all situations. The Joby GripTight POV Kit helps we with a versatile complement for ascent roughly any distance smartphone for holding good shots.




The container clamps onto a phone and thatch in place with a parsimonious clamp that doesn’t come loose. The container also lets we take off a hoop and bind it to a GoPro mount. That’s good for putting a GripTight clamp on your helmet, handlebars or other GoPro complement mounts.





The hoop doubles as a stand. You can lay a phone down to watch video or for holding fast photos. The hoop swivels to make it easy to reason a camera on your phone during opposite angles for opposite points of view, hence a name POV.


Finally, and maybe a coolest thing of all, a Joby GripTight POV Kit comes with a Bluetooth remote. You can span it with your Galaxy Note 7 and use it to take photos remotely. The remote works from adult to 90-feet away.


On tip of a clamp that binds a phone, there’s a cold shoe mountain for accessories like a bang mic or a flash.


Joby GorillaPod Tripods

We adore Joby’s GorillaPod tripods given they’re so versatile. You can use them like a true tripod, though a bendable legs make them good for holding your phone or camera on a fence, a behind of a chair or roughly anywhere. It creates ideal clarity for a phone tripod, given a phone’s so mobile. The dual smaller tripods next will fit in your pocket.



If we need something that binds your phone aloft than a GripTight POV Kit does, afterwards mislay a hoop and put a GripTight on one of Joby’s GorillaPod tripods. They offer a series of solutions including a heavy-duty GorillaPod, the GorillaPod Focus for $99.95, that will reason a phone or something heavier like a DSLR camera.


The most cheaper $20 GorillaPod Original will work improved if we only devise to mountain your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on it with a GripTight clamp.


The GorillaPod Magnetic cost $5 some-more than a Original, though comes with magnets in a bottom of a legs to let we bind it to steel poles, a side of your automobile or anywhere that a magnet will squeeze hold.

Samsung Gear 360 for Galaxy Note 7


The Samsung Gear VR puts practical existence in a hands of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners for reduction than other VR solutions. However, formulating 360-degree video to suffer on a Gear VR is tough unless we get a special camera that shoots in 360-degree range, like a Samsung Gear 360 camera.

The Gear 360 comes with 2 lenses any with 180-degree observation angle. Software stitches a videos or photos together to give a user a 360-degree observation angle. Use a Gear VR to perspective a images or video or we can vessel around them regulating a rodent on a mechanism or your phone’s accelerometer.

Here’s a representation video.

And here’s a sample photo taken from a Ricoh Theta S, a identical 360-degree camera with a reduce resolution.


RAVPower Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging Pad with 5,000 mAh External Battery Pack


Why would we put a battery and Qi-enabled horse in a camera appendage round-up? Because holding a lot of photos and videos with your Galaxy Note 7 will empty a battery faster than roughly any other activity. You’ll wish something like this RAVPower Qi-enabled Wireless Charging Pad with 5,000 mAh External Battery Pack ($40) with we while taking those extraordinary shots.


The phone comes with wireless charging built-in. When we block a horse into a wall or assign it up, you can lay your phone on a pad and it will wirelessly assign a phone. However,  you can also block a USB charging wire that came with a phone into a USB pier on a battery pack.

Indicator lights tell a user how most battery life is left in a battery pack. It’s tiny adequate for a pocket, mechanism bag or purse.

Pix-Star Photo Frame


It’s a contrition to take all of those pleasing photos and afterwards not uncover them off or demeanour during them yourself. Sure, we can bucket them adult on your Galaxy Note 7 shade or even on your computer. Plug a Google Cast into your HDMI-enabled TV and expel your photos to your TV. The Pix-Star Photo Frame gives users a dedicated resolution that’s not that costly and always flashes your photos on a display.

The Pix-Star Photo Frame comes in dual sizes – 10.4-inch and 15-inch. They any use inner storage and reason SD label slots and USB ports for combined storage or transferring photos.


The complement will also let users upload photos around email, bluetooth and an app that we implement on your Galaxy Note 7.

The displays will uncover your photos and videos. They also play audio trustworthy to photos or video. Connect to your favorite print pity or cloud storage sites like…

  • FlickR
  • Google
  • OneDrive
  • Instagram
  • Dropbox
  • Photobucket
  • 500px
  • or RSS print feeds


Users can column it on a prosaic aspect like a shelf, table or opposite with a built-in kickstand. There’s also a ascent complement on a behind to hang it on a wall. The built-in remote lets users control a system.

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