5 overwhelming Google Keep facilities we aren’t using, though should be

April 25, 2016 - photo frame

Google Keep is not preinstalled on all phones, that is a genuine bummer. It’s one of a many focused and useful apps in Google’s arsenal. On a aspect it’s a stylish elementary note holding app, though puncture deeper and it ties into several other Google services, creation it easier to get things done. Here are 5 ways to unleash a extraordinary energy of Google Keep.

Shopping list by voice

Add equipment to your selling list though even touching a phone.

Keep is good for creation lists, for instance a selling list. If we indeed pretension one of your lists “shopping list,” we can supplement new equipment to it though even opening a app. It’s a elementary matter of pulling adult your Google voice hunt by drumming a mic in a hunt bar or regulating a “OK Google” hotword.

Just say, “Add to my selling list,” and you’ll get a cold Google Now label that lets we list equipment one after another. When you’re done, contend “finished” or “that’s it” to have all you’ve combined extrinsic into your selling list note. You can also supplement singular equipment in a singular step by saying, “Add [item] to my selling list.” It’s a remarkably precocious feature.


Reminders in your Keep records uncover adult in Google Now too.

Down during a bottom of any note in Keep is a “Remind me” button. You competence never have paid courtesy to it since we already have reminders on your phone around Google Now. However, this underline is indeed firmly integrated with Google Now.