$48 value of overwhelming paid iPhone apps that are now giveaway (7 apps total)

September 17, 2014 - photo frame

Happy iOS 8 day, Apple fans! What improved approach to provide yourself forward of a unavoidable highlight concerned with battling millions of other iPhone and iPad users for Apple’s bandwidth than by downloading a garland of good paid apps though profitable a cent. Today’s collection facilities 7 nifty apps value a sum $48, though they can all be had for giveaway if we hurry. And as always, there are a few freebies left from Tuesday’s post as well.

These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been done permitted for giveaway for a singular time by their developers. There is no approach to tell how prolonged they will be free. These sales could finish an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, a usually thing we can pledge is that they are giveaway during a time this post is published. If we click on a couple and see a cost listed subsequent to an app instead of a word “free,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If we download a app, we will be charged.



These posts typically concentration on limited-time sales though exceptions can always be done for well-developed apps… and 1password, that is relocating from a paid indication to a freemium model, is really an well-developed app.

Have we ever mislaid a password? Do we reuse passwords?

1Password creates strong, singular passwords for any site, remembers them all for you, and logs we in with a singular tap.

The refurbish for iOS 8 (coming after this year) will be giveaway for existent users.

Loved and used by millions. Try 1Password today!

Everything in your 1Password safe is stable by a Master Password that usually we know. 1Password keeps we secure in a series of ways.

◆ Strong Password Generator creates strong, singular passwords for any site
◆ Automatically login to websites though carrying to remember any of your password
◆ Securely sync with your other iOS devices, as good as 1Password for Mac, PC, and more
◆ Encrypts all your information regulating real AES 256-bit encryption
◆ Auto-Lock protects your safe even if your device is mislaid or stolen

1Password is a pleasing app that keeps all your critical information in one secure place. Never leave home though your critical information again.

◆ Store your logins, credit cards, secure notes, prerogative programs, memberships, bank accounts, passports, wills, investments, and more
◆ Fill logins and credit cards though typing
◆ Quickly entrance your many used equipment regulating Favorites
◆ Organize your information into Folders or crop by Tags
◆ Powerful Search to find what we need fast
◆ Customize your equipment with mixed URLs, tradition fields, and secure notes
◆ Share particular equipment around AirDrop, Messages, and email

Browse your many critical and supportive websites within a remoteness of 1Password’s absolute built-in browser.

◆ Use Go Fill to launch 1Browser and automatically login to websites
◆ Easily entrance and fill your Logins, Identities, and Credit Cards from a AutoFill menu
◆ Browse mixed sites during once regulating tabs
◆ 1Browser protects your browsing sessions behind your Master Password

Multiple vaults are a ideal approach to combine firmly between group members, and share clever passwords with a whole family.

◆ Keep all your personal equipment in your primary vault
◆ Add group or family vaults that have been common with we (created on Mac or Windows)
◆ Easily switch between your personal, work, and other vaults
◆ Automatic sync keeps everybody up-to-date

You’re in control of your information and how it syncs between devices.

◆ iCloud support provides secure syncing with Apple simplicity
◆ Dropbox support provides cross-platform syncing and sharing
◆ Wi-Fi Sync keeps your inclination adult to date. Your information never leaves your internal network (currently upheld by 1Password 4 for Mac)

◆ Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
◆ Requires iOS 7 or higher
◆ No subscription or other steady fees
◆ 1Password is also permitted for Mac, PC, and more, sole separately
◆ Visit agilebits.com/onepassword to learn more

1password was a $9.99 download though now it’s totally free!

Download 1Password



This app is a cold and singular take on a digital pattern frame.

Driftback is an interactive photo-frame app that displays all a memories from your device and amicable network accounts in one simple, pleasing layout.

Randomly cycle by photos from Facebook, snaps from Instagram, tweets from Twitter, check-ins from Foursquare and some-more – all with a appropriate of your finger. All we have to do is tell Driftback that sources we wish to see and a app will do a rest. There’s no predicted grouping so you’ll always be astounded during what comes up!

With a ‘Autocycle’ mode on, spin your device into an interactive print support – ideal for displaying around a house.

All memories are shown with dates, locations and titles (if available).


◉ Shows photos and calendar entries from a device.
◉ Also integrates photos and statuses (or homogeneous if available) from Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter.
◉ Dates and plcae information (if available) displayed alongside memories.
◉ Automatic offline support – well-spoken cycling wherever we are!
◉ Fullscreen mode – photos and images stretched to totally fit a shade though distortion.
◉ Autocycle mode – 3-25 seconds per memory.
◉ Like what we see? Easily share past memories by Facebook, Twitter, iMessage and email.

Driftback takes remoteness really severely and will always ask we for permissions a initial time before accessing personal information.

For some-more information, greatfully see a remoteness policy.

If we would like Driftback to cycle by photos and calendars on your device, greatfully remember to approve entrance to your print albums and calendar when a app is started for a initial time (you will be prompted, differently go to Settings General Calendar/Photos Driftback).

Normally $0.99, Driftback is giveaway for a brief time.

Download Driftback



Want a $19.99 app that helps we daydream any aspect of your business for free? Look no further.

Visualize all your critical business statistics, live, in one place. Numerics helps we know your numbers, concentration on your goals and make improved decisions.

Create your possess singular dashboards from hundreds of pre-designed widgets that uncover a brew of website analytics, amicable media engagement, plan progress, sales funnels, patron support queues, comment balances or even numbers from your spreadsheets in a cloud – all your business needs to monitor.

Numerics creates a approach tie between we and your services. We never see your certification or horde your data.

Many widgets are giveaway to use, reward widgets are permitted for squeeze in packs as one time restorable purchases and sum use. No subscription fees!

– Predesigned widgets of several forms including series tallies, line graphs, cake charts, flue lists, and more
– Create mixed dashboards and appropriate between them
– Widgets are easy to configure, connect, and customize
– Colorize and tag widgets to emanate a singular perspective of your data
– Automatic blueprint with drag and dump grouping of widgets
– Zoom in on a widget to concentration and correlate with a singular square of data
– Useful gestures and pleasing animations
– Background updates and Push Notifications on a per-widget basis

– Direct secure device to use connections
– All certification stored firmly in your device keychain
– All your information is stored usually on your device

– Unique tradition TV mode over Airplay mirroring or HDMI
– Share snapshots of whole dashboards or singular widgets over email, iMessage, or any commissioned communication app

Use hundreds of pre-designed widgets for over 20 services to build a ideal dashboards for your business and projects:

– AppFigures
– Basecamp
– Chargify
– Custom JSON
– Envato
– Facebook
– Flurry
– Foursquare
– Free Agent
– GitHub
– Google Analytics
– Google Spreadsheets
– HockeyApp
– Paypal
– Pipeline Deals
– Pivotal Tracker
– Salesforce
– Stocks powered by Yahoo
– Stripe
– Twitter
– YouTube
– Zendesk

More integrations entrance soon.

Download Numerics

Wine Journal


Make certain we don’t forget that tasty new bottle we found after we splash 3 of them.

Wine Journal allows we to store your whole booze collection and all wines we have ever tasted.

• All your wines in an simply searchable list
• Add cinema to any wine
• Write tasting notes
• Share your wines on Twitter, Facebook, email or message
• View all details, tasting records and cinema in a singular printable overview
• Easily inspect a tone and age of a booze in your glass
• Use a intelligent gestures to fast navigate a app

Wine Journal is routinely $1.99 though right now it’s free.

Download Wine Journal



Don’t rubbish time perplexing to figure out how we spend your time, let this app do a complicated lifting for you.

BusyBox lets we lane a time we spend on all your activities.

+ Daily Tracking +
Visualize your activities for a stream day.

+ Data Visualization +
Track a sum time we spend on any activity.

+ Notes +
If we need to record some-more sum about your tasks, we can associate records to your charge logs. Logs can afterwards be filtered by note contents.

+ Export your Data +
Export your activity information to a CSV record that can be review in excel, open bureau or any spreadsheet software. The records are also exported to a CSV file.

+ Open In +
Open a CSV record in any app that can open CSV files on your iPhone.

+ Share around Email +
Send a CSV record around email.

Regularly labelled during $2.99, this app is now giveaway for a singular time.

Download BusyBox

Observer Pro


Observer Pro is a solid astronomy app with a five-star rating in a App Store.

Observer Pro is a groundbreaking app for modernized astronomy planning. No some-more guessing when that universe emerges from behind that annoying tree. No some-more estimating how many hours you’ll be means to picture an object. Observer Pro gives any astronomer a info they need right during their fingertips!

What astronomers are saying:

“Every astronomer with an iPhone should possess this app!”
– Astronomy Technology Today magazine

“Observer Pro is a many considerable astronomy app that we have attempted out. we enthusiastically praise it to you!”
– Tom Mote, Professor Emeritus, Astronomy

“I have been regulating it given a day it initial became permitted and we can't live though it now.”
– Sedat B., Cloudy Nights forum

“This thing is a dream. Best $10 we ever spent.”
– Michael M., Cloudy Nights forum

Exclusive features:

– Over 14,000 low sky objects included, all with closeup anxiety photos. No need to download anything after install! Advanced classification and hunt make it easy to differentiate by all of them to find that objects go on your watching list.

– Measure your internal setting in mins with your iPhone 4*!

– Unique charts totally take a guesswork out of presaging intent visibility. Your house, trees, mountains, or any other obstructions are totally factored in to all prominence charts.

– New to astronomy? The Popular List shows trending objects formed on observations logged by Observer Pro users. Now we can perspective a list of a best objects to observe formed on tangible observations!

– Keep a list of your favorite watching sites, any with their possess internal horizon. Compare intent prominence between sites to find a best mark to setup your scope.

– There’s a lot to observe! Observer Pro gives we a place to say a list of your favorite objects as good as an watching list that we can take with we to a eyepiece (red-screen night mode is included). Observer Pro displays easy to see badges subsequent to objects that are favorites or that have been observed.

– 7Timer! astronomical continue forecasts for your watching sites are ocular though withdrawal Observer Pro. They give we a opinion on cloud cover, seeing, transparency, and more!

– Simple and discerning interface creates all these absolute facilities straightforwardly accessible. You don’t need to be a Certified Astro Geek to use it!

What are we watchful for? Purchase Observer Pro and we won’t know how we did astronomy though it!

Save $9.99 by downloading this app now.

Download Observer Pro



Organize your life with this simple, minimalistic app.

Fast and elegant: learn loyal capability with Swadder.

-The fastest approach to classify your life. Adding todos could not be faster and easier.
-Intuitive pattern creates things flattering and easy.
-Swipe to finish, undo and pierce your todos.
-Tap to set steady reminders, supplement records and photos to your todos.

Swadder is typically $0.99 though right now it’s free.

Download Swadder

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