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August 11, 2016 - photo frame

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Upcycle a Picture Frame into a Chalkboard Menu

Published on Aug 10th, 2016
by Julie Finn


Upcycle a Picture Frame into a Chalkboard Menu

I adore carrying art on my walls. Buying new frames and carrying things professionally matted would make that pleasure super pricey, so I’m generally stoked that we haven’t purchased a mint design support in over a decade. Instead, we veneer design frames that I’ve bought from preservation stores and yard sales.

Everything matches, we can pad my art creatively, and we save large bucks (and obstruct rabble from a rubbish stream) while still carrying loads of flattering things hung adult to demeanour at.

Since we preservation and veneer design frames so often, we tend to use a accumulation of techniques so that we don’t get bored–and my walls don’t demeanour boring. Here are some of my favorites:

1. altered artIf we have an whole portrayal that you’d like to remake, check out this tute for altering a art itself.

2. baseball-themedTo make this mat, we only need a white T-shirt and red elaboration thread.

3. burlapCovering a design pad in burlap creates it unequivocally texturally interesting.

4. buttonsCarry this over to a potion front, as well, if you’d like.

How to Refinish Picture Frames5. candy wrappersThese were a lovable approach to make a pad for photos from my daughter’s candy-themed birthday party.

6. chalk paintUse this technique to give an exuberant support a unfair stylish look.

7. chevronsThis is SO easy to do with masking tape.

8. comic book or compendium pagesDecoupaged paper creates a lovable and sharp-witted matboard.

9. distressedMaybe we only need to take off a small paint?

10. dry eraseYou can hang a design support adult privately as a dry erase board, or use this technique to supplement musical elements to framed pieces.

11. fabric artIf a potion front of a design support breaks, don’t despair! You can still use a support to mountain fabric art.

12. glitterWhether it’s on a pad or a frame, we can ALWAYS use some-more glitter.

13. grey paint and gessoIt creates your support demeanour like a statue. Seriously.

14. linenA print pad lonesome in linen shows off a same engaging hardness as burlap, though it’s some-more elegant.

15. magnet boardReplace a pad and support with a square of piece metal, cut to size.

16. magnetsMaybe there’s zero during all with your design frame; maybe it only needs to hang on your refrigerator!

17. mosaicUse this technique on a far-reaching and prosaic design frame.

18. mossFake moss and weed make an engaging print pad in this tute.

Refinish a Picture Frame with Paint and Fabric19. paint and fabricHere’s my go-to process right here–I flattering many always repaint a thrifted frame, no matter what else we do to it, and we have so many accumulate fabric fibbing around that it’s a discerning and easy approach to cover a pad house for a new look.

20. pinboardThis is a ideal approach to veneer an positively humongous design frame.

21. pressed flowersBring inlet inside with this print mat.

22. scrapbook paperShow off your prettiest scrapbook paper in this Anthropologie knock-off.

23. spray paint and stencilThe tute here uses a mirror, though many of a techniques, quite a mist paint and stencil methods, work equally good with a glass-front design frame.

24. theme park souvenirsMaps, brochures, and tickets all make lovable mats.

25. tileUse this process around tender potion or on tip of a prosaic frame.

26. toysHave your kids grown out of their small fondle cars or trains or LEGOs? They’d demeanour good on a design frame!

27. twine-wrappedFor a totally opposite look, we can also use elaboration floss.

28. washi tapeIt’s extraordinary how many this paper fasten can change a demeanour of a pad board.

29. wood-backedWith a pad and potion transposed with pallet play or stable wood, you’ve got a good mark for a poetic stencil.

30. wrapping paperThis would be generally lovable for a Christmas- or birthday-themed photo.

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