3 Ways to Make a Most of Your Old Smartphone

April 10, 2015 - photo frame

Having a glossy new Samsung Galaxy S6 might make it easy to partial with one of a predecessors, though there are a few crafty ways a functioning smartphone can still be put to use.

With Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge reaching business today, it might seem like a intelligent thought to trade in or sell aged devices.

Or we could put it to use.

Here are 3 ways your functioning gangling Android smartphone can be put to work.

Chromecast Controller

Have a Google Chromecast streaming stick? You can now spin your Android device into a permanent remote control that can be used to wirelessly tide video calm on your television.

Digital Photo Frame

Turn your aged Android device into a digital print support to jazz adult your bureau or make a curated tide for a special arise with a Dayframe app.

Photos will play on a continual tide and can even lift in memories from amicable networks. Bonus: If we have a Chromecast, it’s probable to suffer a photos on a incomparable screen.

Home Surveillance System

Presence, an app accessible for iOS and Android, lets users spin an aged smartphone or inscription into a home confidence complement that will span with their new device, permitting users perspective of home even when they’re away.

Presence can also send video alerts to users if it suspects questionable activity during home. Using a suit detector, it can spin on lights other inclination to warning intruders they have been detected.

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