2K Games Under Fire for Handling of Upcoming WWE Video Game

August 10, 2018 - photo frame

WWE 2K19 is scheduled for recover in early October, though if we were to demeanour during a amicable media compared to a game, we wouldn’t know it.

Since 2K Games took over a WWE permit after THQ filed for failure a few years back, they have been met with a mixed-to-critical response by a audience. Following 2K14, a association significantly altered a character of gameplay and private a array of dear facilities in a games to adjust to a new console generation.

While many fans out there are still meddlesome in a series, an increasingly shocking array of users on amicable media have started to pronounce out in regards to their unhappiness with a franchise.

With WWE 2K19 usually dual months away, 2K Games have suggested a tiny apportionment of what users should design with a arriving video game. Besides a few playable Superstars (two of that are by pre-order), 2K Games have usually suggested a Million Dollar Challenge with AJ Styles and an compared mode.

2K suggested on Twitter yesterday a print support for users on Facebook to request so they resemble AJ Styles- who is scheduled to be a cover star of a arriving video game. This was widely negatively perceived by users on a platform.

Most users took to a height to impugn a association for spending time operative on other 2K titles and on equipment such as a Styles print support instead of operative on a game.

Here are a few of a tweets we found:

Some users had certain experiences, pity their possess screenshots regulating a print support or enjoying a idea, though there is no denying a disastrous accepting this garnered.

It stays to be seen what 2K do with this game, though there are usually a few months left before a diversion is released, so time will tell what happens with a authorization relocating forward.

Are we vigilant on purchasing a game? Do we like a thought of a print support or feel it is a rubbish of time? Sound off in a comments below.

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