“2016 Post-Frame Market Sizing Study” Released

November 6, 2016 - photo frame

-By Jeff Henry, NFBA-

The “2016 Post-Frame Market Sizing Study”—now accessible to all Post-Frame Market Initiative supporters—forecasts continued solid expansion for a post-frame industry. Through 2020, post-frame construction spending is approaching to grow during a rate of 4.3 percent annually. The expansion extends to all 5 building segments examined in a study: agricultural, industrial, light commercial, residential, and blurb (Figure 1). New this year, a investigate compares attention revenues by building zone within a 4 vital geographical regions of a United States: Northeast, Midwest, South, and West.

Market Sizing Report

Figure 1

Emphasis on the Residential Sector
As low pellet prices and clever foe between builders have contributed to abating revenues in a rural market, builders have looked for opportunities in other sectors. The “2016 Post-Frame Market Sizing Study” reinforces what members have prolonged been reporting: a residential building zone presents a poignant expansion opportunity.

The residential building zone now represents about a 28 percent share of a post-frame market, adult from 19 percent in 2013. Historically represented by garages and hobby shops, a residential marketplace is now reported by members to embody a flourishing apportionment of single-family homes.

Recent patterns in PFMI amicable media activity serve justify a public’s seductiveness in post-frame homes. In Aug 2016, NFBA conducted a print competition on Facebook, and seductiveness in a winning photo, a post-frame single-family home, exploded. Compared to a standard page, this sold post perceived 10 times some-more “likes” and reached some-more than 92,000 singular contacts in fewer than 20 days. Most important, people migrated from Facebook to postframeadvantage.com, where visits to a Design pages and Find-a-Post-Frame-Builder apparatus increasing by 126 percent.

This activity underscores a changes approaching in 2014 and now evidenced in a field: The marketplace is evolving. To continue expanding their businesses, post-frame contractors will need to variegate their operations. Among NFBA members, 45 percent of contractors news that they do not erect residential buildings, and 41 percent prove that they do not work in a blurb shred of a market.

NFBA’s ultimate assign is to assistance members enhance their businesses. One approach we can accomplish this is to sight contractors in how to work in a several building sectors. Many are not accustomed to operative with formula organizations or subcontractors, or they are not informed with ways to strech impending building owners in these sectors.

To maximize a industry’s opportunity, NFBA skeleton to enhance a range of PFMI to embody internally focused educational efforts, training contractors skills to enhance their operations opposite a building sectors.

Planning for 2017
As we devise for a tenth year of a PFMI program, we are evaluating a program’s strategies and tactics. As we do this, we will be gripping these points in mind:

Driven by expansion in a residential sector, a expansion rate in building construction as a whole will surpass that of post frame.

The blurb and light-commercial segments of a post-frame marketplace are approaching to have a fastest expansion by percentage, though expansion in a residential zone will be incomparable by volume.

Misconceptions about post support and miss of recognition of a advantages—or even of a existence—are a largest inhibitors to a expansion of post frame.

The chairman many approaching to make a final preference about either to use post support is a building owner.

The fact that building owners have a biggest change in a preference to use post support raises a doubt of how best to aim them. New collection in NFBA selling and amicable media enhance a opportunities to strech this extended and different audience.

Expanding a marketplace for post support is a core activity of a association, though it is also a shortcoming of all in a industry. The Post-Frame Market Initiative provides an entrance for educating preference makers and pattern professionals. It has a proven record of conversion their choices, heading to increasing use of a post-frame building complement and expansion of a industry.

We ask for your joining to support a 2017 PFMI program. You should recently have perceived a 2017 joining form. Please hit me during NFBA domicile (jhenry@nfba.org) to plead any questions we have about a module or to offer recommendations for a improvement. we acquire your feedback.

In conclusion, continued solid expansion is forecasted for a building construction marketplace over a subsequent few years, and post support is approaching to grow both in nontraditional building sectors and opposite geographical regions. Through collaborative bid and a common voice we can maximize a lapse on a efforts.

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