14 Wedding Gift Ideas Under $40 That Won’t Make You Look Cheap

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Weddings can take some-more than a year to devise and can cost some-more than many people spend on a car. When it comes to spending a lot on a wedding, it’s not only a bride, husband and their families who have to hack adult — guests mostly spend a lot on weddingsas well, generally if they have to fly in from out of city and compensate for lodging. While some couples ask costly gifts on their registry, there are copiousness of ways to get artistic and give a happy integrate a courteous present they’ll adore — though violation your bank.


With June, September, and Oct holding a cake as a many renouned marriage months, chances are we competence have a marriage entrance adult someday soon. Plan forward with these singular and affordable marriage present ideas.

1. Send Them to a Winery

With a highlight typically compared with formulation a wedding, gifting a integrate a outing to a winery will give them a possibility to relax and have some fun. If we live nearby, we could even take them yourself and move along some snacks or cruise to applaud a integrate pre-wedding. Check out internal understanding sites for ignored winery packages. There are many deals on Groupon that offer booze tasting packages that embody souvenirs during a cost of only $25 for dual people or underneath $50 for 4 people.

2. Make a Photo Scrapbook

Create a imitation scrapbook chronicling a happy couple’s life together before a marriage day. With many people pity photos on Facebook, Instagram and other amicable media, it shouldn’t be tough to find photos though seeking them and ruining a surprise. Make a imitation scrapbook by palm with an superb book from Target or qualification store for underneath $20, or sequence a digital one online. Shutterfly, for instance, has a accumulation of marriage imitation book options starting during $15.99 and up.

3. Personalize Some Wine or Beer Gifts

For a integrate who loves to splash splash and wine, give them something fun to splash it out of with some Mr. and Mrs. splash or booze glasses. Most sets are underneath $25. You could also supplement a personalized booze stopper for underneath $15 to finish a celebration gift.

4. Help With a Wedding-Related Task

A successful marriage requires a lot of work from a lot of people. Think about what you’re good during and offer to assistance instead of removing a normal gift. The bride and husband will expected adore a possibility to get absolved of one of a many duties on a marriage checklist. Offering your assistance with marriage set adult during a venue a day of or with a purify adult thereafter won’t cost we anything — only your time. Your friends are most some-more expected to remember we for cleaning adult all for them during a finish of a night instead of some plates we got them that got buried with all of their other gifts.

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5. Map Out Their Love

For a personal present that won’t cost we much, squeeze a lovable design support or a shade box. Find maps — possibly aged atlases or even printed Google maps — for locations that are special to a couple. For example: where they met, where they got intent and a plcae of their wedding. Cut out that partial of a map in a heart shape, and glue a hearts to label or thick paper. Then simply supplement those to a support or shade box. You can make this for underneath $20 if we imitation out a maps yourself and find an inexpensive support or shade box during your internal qualification store.

6. Turn Their Wedding Invitation Into a Gift

If a prior thought sounds like too most work, here’s another singular and courteous present that’s most con free. Save a couple’s marriage invitation when we get it in a mail and support it as a souvenir for them to keep in their home. To make it additional nice, supplement matting to compare a entice or find a support that matches a character of their wedding. If it’s a selected theme, go with a selected frame; if a marriage was super modern, use a sharp black and white complicated support and matting. You can get a good support and matting for underneath $30, so this present will cost we frequency anything.

7. Share Your Favorite Recipe

For a integrate who loves to prepare and try new recipes, put together a food basket with one of your favorite recipes and all a required ingredients. If it’s pulled duck grill sliders, squeeze a chicken, your favorite BBQ sauce, buns, cheese and immature onions. Add some splash or dessert, along with lovable napkins, and this won’t cost we anymore than $40. You could even offer to prepare a dish for them afterwards get out of their hair so that they can suffer a regretful cooking alone.

8. Buy Them Brunch Before a Wedding

Surprise a integrate with a present label to their favorite brunch place before their wedding. Giving a present before a idiocy of their marriage day means they’ll be some-more expected to remember and conclude it. Plus, afterwards they can use it before a marriage to de-stress and have some time to relax during their favorite restaurant.

9. Create a Personalized Wedding Guest Book

As a good choice to a plain marriage guest book, sequence a singular one from Etsy. You can find a ideal one to compare any integrate or marriage theme. Personalize it with their name and marriage date, and we can get a noted present for underneath $30. If you’re feeling artistic enough, we could even make them one yourself.

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10. Find a Personalized Wedding Sign

If we don’t consider a integrate will need a guest book, though we still wish to warn them with a neat personalized gift, go for a marriage pointer with their names and marriage date. It will offer as a pleasing musical square in their home and will remind them of their marriage day — and you. There are many pleasing marriage signs on Etsy for underneath $40.

11. Help Them Relax With Wine

Sure, marriage formulation can be fun, though it can also be overpowering and stressful. Help a integrate relax by giving them some of their favorite splash and wine. Grab them a bottle or dual of some inexpensive booze or a integrate 6 packs of their favorite splash and your present won’t cost some-more than $40.

12. Help Them While They’re on Their Honeymoon

Offer to pet lay or residence lay for a integrate when they’re divided on their honeymoon. This will save them a lot of income if they have pets, and we can make certain their mail doesn’t raise up. This is another present that doesn’t cost anything besides your time. Go a additional mile by stocking their fridge with essentials like milk, orange juice, eggs and their favorite dishes for when they lapse home. It will assistance make a dreaded transition from traveling a world back to a genuine life a small easier and shouldn’t cost we some-more only $20 or $30 — depending on how good we confirm to fill a fridge.

13. Offer Elegance With Monogrammed Towels

Giving a present of a monogrammed palm towels or rinse cloths can be a good sign of a couples’ kinship — and a bride’s new final name. Amazon has some monogrammed palm towels for underneath $15, and we competence even be means to find some cheaper and some-more singular on Etsy. That creates this an superb present for underneath $40.

14. Give Them a Gift Card — or Just Cash

Let’s face it, everybody appreciates a present of income or present cards. One of a best, and easiest, gifts we can get for a bride and husband is a gift label to Target or Amazon or only some income in a good card. This way, they can get what they wish when they need it.

Instead of spending some-more than we wish on a marriage present for your friends or family member, use one of these ideas to save income though sacrificing quality. Best of all, we won’t spend a marriage angry during how most it’s costing you.

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