11 Clever Uses for Your Old Phone or Tablet

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11 Clever Uses for Your Old Phone or Tablet

Upgrade time has finally rolled around and you’re wondering what to do with your aged phone or tablet. If we don’t wish to flog it on eBay, give it to a crony or donate it to a good cause afterwards there are many opposite ways we can make use of it. Most of these ideas engage branch your phone or inscription into a dedicated, single-purpose device with a assistance of an app or two.

1. Home confidence camera

As we don’t need your aged smartphone or inscription to transport around with we any more, we can repair it on a window or in a dilemma and use it as a home notice device or a baby monitor. Plenty of apps are accessible to cover a program side of a equation: iCamSpy, Presence and Manything are all absolute options that capacitate we to keep an eye on your skill or your kids from somewhere else.

2. Remote control

There are a series of options for determining a series of inclination with your smartphone or tablet. With a pack from Logitech we can use an aged device as a remote for your media core for example, while DSLR Remote lets we control your digital camera. Apple has its possess remote app and if you’re a Chromecaster afterwards everything works automatically.

3. MP3 player

11 Clever Uses for Your Old Phone or Tablet

In a days before smartphones were really good during personification music, we all carried spin unstable MP3 players to listen to tunes on a go. Your aged smartphone or inscription can still take a raise of audio marks and play them behind on your stereo or in your car—focus on internal files and spin off a connectivity options if we wish to maximize battery life. You won’t have to worry about phone calls slicing into a song either.

4. Digital print frame

If there’s a approach of gripping your aged smartphone or inscription bending adult to a energy supply and we can invalidate a shade dimming and close features, afterwards we can use it as a digital print frame. Dayframe for Android can block into a horde of amicable networks to move we updated cinema from your circles, while Picmatic does a same arrange of pursuit on iOS. There are copiousness of other apps to select from depending on what we need.

5. E-reader

Phone and inscription screens aren’t utterly as easy on a eye as e-ink though they’re excellent for a discerning hitch of reading on a go. As good as iBooks and Play Books we can use a central Kindle or Kobo apps to sync your reading with a apart e-reader and opposite mixed devices. You could also use your aged phone or inscription exclusively for throwing adult on your online reading—Instapaper or Pocket are dual apps that can assistance out here.

6. Alarm clock

11 Clever Uses for Your Old Phone or Tablet

Particularly suitable if we have an aged charging wharf as good as an aged phone, there are dozens of apps that will let we use a device as an always-on alarm time that can arise we out of your slumber. As good as a alarm duty built into a phone’s software, we can go for reduction required alternatives such as Wake, Timely and Walk Me Up (which usually shuts off a alarm after you’ve taken a certain series of steps).

7. Twitter ticker

Something of a amicable media junkie? Apps like TweetBot, Robird and Twitterific can keep your Twitter timeline on consistent arrangement and refurbish it with new posts as they come in, presumption there’s an accessible Wi-Fi tie to fasten on to. Keep your aged smartphone or inscription propped adult during a side of your laptop and we can stay on tip of incoming tweets but carrying to keep switching to it in your Web browser.

8. Kid’s toy

If we have children in a residence afterwards giving one of them your aging smartphone or inscription is an apparent choice, partly since there’s a smoke-stack of good educational apps and games around. If we don’t have to worry about pity a device with your brood afterwards we can tie adult the applicable parental controls and leave them to get on with it, gripping all of your critical things on your code new device.

9. Radio

11 Clever Uses for Your Old Phone or Tablet

While your SIM label might have been switched to your new device, presumably your aged one can still use your home Wi-Fi, so because not spin it into a compress radio? Almost each hire broadcasts online now—check for central apps from your favorite ones—and there are a raise of online radio apps we can make use of, including TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio. If your aged device comes with a dock, it will work even better.

10. Dedicated word processor

Now that Office is giveaway for iOS and Android (and of march accessible on Windows devices) we can implement Word, hang with a local apparatus or use one of the many alternatives to spin your out-dated inscription into a dedicated word processor that isn’t cluttered adult with gaming apps or amicable media distractions. It’s a quite good choice if we already have a inscription mountain and Bluetooth keyboard, of course.

11. Barometer

Did we know a latest iPhone 6 handsets have a barometer sensor in them? Even if you’re not regulating a latest hardware, we can find an app that will demeanour adult information from a nearest meridian hire and move continue forecasts to your phone or tablet. WeatherSignal is value a demeanour for iOS while Barometer Altimeter does a same pursuit on Android. For that loyal barometer-style outcome we could mountain your device on a wall.

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